– SEPTEMBER 10, 2022 –

San Gabriel Valley, CA

Plaza West Covina presents a unique and unforgettable experience with a full day of beauty, fashion, fun activations, skincare and so much more!

COSMECON will open with an exclusive breakfast for VIP guests and will continue with beauty stations from Macy’s Infinite Glow, Salon Success, and more!

We are proud to partner with Diversity Fashion World to present a unique fashion show that will celebrate culture and showcase the beauty of different heritage from around the world. All proceeds will benefit the YWCA of San Gabriel Valley.

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9:30AM Doors open for VIP guests

10AM Breakfast for VIP guests

11AM First Fashion Segment starts

12–2PM Guests can enjoy activations

2PM Closing Fashion Show segment

Featured Designers


Loren Aragon is a fashion designer from Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico and CEO of ACONAV. ACONAV has become a leading Native Fashion brand that celebrates the strength and empowerment of women worldwide. Today, the culturally fueled designs of Aragon continue to gain recognition, creating an awareness of the growing popularity of Native Fashion.

Khmer Bridal

Khmer Bridal will showcase the exquisite and unique Khmer cultural heritage which had flourished over 2000 years ago. With political disruption, traditions which once were honored and passed on from one generation to the next, had been forgotten. As a child war survivor and a daughter of a Khmer storyteller, Kaylene Men continues the story of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Modest Theyab

“I have loved fashion ever since I was young. I used to buy every fashion magazine out there just to help me live in my own fashion dreamland, because I felt that the world around me was clearly missing something. Then later when I joined the London School of Fashion, I finally realized what the problem was. You see, all the models were just under one category, and there was no cultural or ethnic diversity being promoted at the time. And so, I decided to create my own brand to represent the underrated modest yet trendy chic. Modest Theyab is here to inspire all women out there to walk with confidence and to proudly present their own unique identities.”

Navam Collections

Navam Collections is the one stop place where you can find vibrant and wonderful creations of exquisite Indian jewelry crafted with a medley of semi-precious stones, pearls, polki & kundhan and traditional clothing from across India. Nakshatra is a unique brand of Navam which can satisfy your desire for authentic silk, silver and brass. Navam’s Nakshatra line also brings you unique brass artifacts from India, to add an Indian charm to your home decor.

Noble Creations

Amiel Noble was born and raised in the Philippines by her mother who works as an embroiderer of the traditional dress and her farmer father. Being exposed to the culture of embroidery, particularly Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana making (traditional Filipino dresses), it is her purpose to continue and spread the beauty of their culture by presenting their national identity to the world through their national dresses.


Nyaarii is a South Asian jewelry and clothing brand for women. Nyaarii stands for UNIQUE and their passion is to create trendsetting styles for their clients. Their diverse line of clothing includes everything from comfortable casual wear to stunning formal wear. Nyaarii takes pride in delivering each piece of handcrafted jewelry and apparel assembled by artisans in India using semi-precious stones and genuine fabrics.

The Phukaw

“The love for Thai culture and the eagerness to preserve the beauty in its tradition run deeply in my blood and one day I promised myself that I will make the world acknowledge what I am in love with. We provide casual Thai traditional outfits for attending temples and formal events. The Hill Tribes styles are from the Northern part of Thailand. The Phukaw bring in the mix of the Akah, Yao, Hmong, Karen long neck tribe, and Ekor tribes clothing to the store. All the materials are at least 30-40 years old. We had the merchandise cleaned sanitarily for customers’ health conditions before displaying at the store. We then have them handmade the clothes to our designs.” – Yaya Aksarapak Bondu, Designer and Founder.

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